6 Reasons Why Everyone's Talking About 'The Girl On The Train'

1. It tells a perfectly human story

On her commute every day, Rachel passes by the home she used to own with her ex-husband, envying his life with his new wife and the baby she's always dreamed of having.

Somewhere along the way, she develops a strange hobby: Staring into the home of a perfect-looking couple just a few houses away from her old house, and vividly imagining (complete with made-up names) what their lives are like.

2. The best-selling novel it's based on remained #1 on the New York Times Fiction Best Sellers of 2015 list for 13 consecutive weeks

The novel's astounding success is a clear indication that the story resonates deeply with the modern-day audience. Following its 2015 achievement, this intimate thriller rose to the top spot again in early January for 2 weeks. The book has since been translated to more than 40 languages.

3. You will not see the plot twist coming

Woven into the seemingly mundane lives of the suburbia dwellers is a murder mystery waiting to be solved. Along the way towards the climax, the movie drops mini gasp-worthy reveals, including the real reason why Rachel is on the train everyday.